a better pawn shop experience


When the economy suffers, people often have nowhere to turn when they need extra cash. Nobody can predict those times; they come out of nowhere, and it’s all too easy to give up once financial streams such as banks and credit cards run dry. At the same time, when money is tight the last thing any of us want to do is pay full retail value for items.

For residents of Spokane, Washington, and the surrounding area, there’s a place they can go for help or simply visit whenever they want a quality shopping experience. Double Eagle Pawn has provided pawn and loan services to the Spokane metro area for almost 30 years. Now with three locations throughout the Spokane area, there is a Double Eagle Pawn near you!

Great Shopping

Each of our locations is as large as any major retail outlet, and our inventory is as varied as it is an incredible value. Our polite, professional staff remains available to offer you all the help you need.

Low Interest Rates

With amazing low rates that are set by the state of Washington & no hidden fee's, the interest on a pawn loan from Double Eagle is typically far lower than you’d get from most credit cards.

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