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Need a Loan?

We keep it simple.

Just bring an item of value in as collateral, and in return, Double Eagle Pawn will lend cash from the available equity in said item. Loans are for a 3 month period yet can be picked up anytime or extended at the end one needs. Pay back the loan, with a small service/interest fee and your item is returned to you, it’s that simple. Pawn loans are quick discreet and can be made on everything from jewelry, electronics, tools firearms it takes just a couple minutes and a pawn loan can be made on most anything of value.

Double Eagle Pawn has provided pawn and loan services to the Spokane metro area for close to 30 years. With three convenient locations throughout the Spokane area, there is always a Double Eagle Pawn near by.  

Stacks of coins

Step 1:

Bring us an item of value.

Step 2:

One of Double Eagle’s experienced pawn brokers will examine your item and see how much you would like to borrow.

Step 3:

A quick signature and a we exchange cash for the item until you return to pick it up! 

What We Lend On:

Scrap Gold
Game Systems
Sporting Goods
Firearms and Accessories  

And so much more ! 


We also buy items at Double Eagle Pawn. Be it that guitar sitting in the corner you don’t play anymore or  even that old VCR collecting dust under the TV you’d be surprised by some of the items yworth good money at Double Eagle Pawn. The process is easy just bring the item your selling in and let us know what you’d like to get out of it and one of our highly trained staff will assess the product make an offer and just like that. It’s fast, it’s easy and put’s money in your pocket.

What we buy:

Fine Jewelry
Scrap Gold
Firearms & Accessories
Firearm Estates
Sporting Goods

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